Isaac Sellam

Dreams of leathers
Isaac Sellam created his eponymous brand in 2002. Its material is the leather, the leathers, which it has in the skin. His signature, recognizable, is inimitable: staples, which he declines, reinvents, uses as an assembly technique, decorative, applied on the sleeves, or colossal on the back of his jackets, like a futuristic backbone.
From a childhood dream, Isaac will build a whole universe, unique and rich in creation. He designed, assembled and sewed his first jacket in his parents' kitchen when he was only 16 years old.
Fifteen years will pass, spent tanning, studying, cutting and testing leather… Isaac Sellam becomes an incomparable expert in the field. Curious, hands-on, he masters his creations from A to Z, in small quantities, all produced in his Parisian workshop. Refusing to intellectualize his creative process, he draws and creates what he loves, what inspires him and, above all, follows his emotions. The result is always unexpected, modern and timeless.