Fob Paris

Time combines with the future
Since 2012, with FOB Paris, the mood has been traveling through time and space, under the impetus of 3 engineering friends, passionate about creation and technique.
These French watchmakers apply ancestral know-how, magnified by a unique avant-garde design, futuristic, in deep black, influenced by the pocket watches of our grandfathers.
FOB Paris offers two 100% French product lines, with similar aesthetics, geometric, sophisticated and contemporary: the line Avant gardeis very conceptual, even experimental; line Chronologymore timeless, is devoted to technique, and to the meeting between the past and the future of watchmaking, always in automatic movement.
From season to season, FOB Paris opens its horizons and diversifies its creations, first with pocket watches, then with cuffs, before finding the suitable bracelet. Nowadays thinner and thinner, these leather bands multiply the turns, retaining a smaller dial which cannot lose its origins of views, gusset style, dial at the top.