Faliero Sarti

The wind will Carry Us
Monica Sarti grew up in the middle of the fabric spinning factories and balls of wool of her grandfather Faliero Sarti, one of the largest producers of Made in Italy fabrics, since 1948.
Very quickly, she follows her father to the salons. At barely 20, she left for New York to learn fashion with Anne Klein, then Donna Karan. Deaf to the call of sirens, she follows her heart: her ambitions are elsewhere, at home, in Italy, in the family business.
At the start of the 90s, when the fashion world was in full change, Monica developed a passion for scarf work, a sector that was still underdeveloped. She therefore works to give them a real youthfulness. The fringes, too traditional, disappear, the fabrics are embellished, also become more flexible, with in particular the reworked cashmere. The pieces obtained conquer his family and the public, and lightness becomes synonymous with warmth.