The brand with a thousand facets
Facetasm is a Japanese brand created in 2007 by Hirochimi Ochiai. Each season is an opportunity for the brand to reveal a new "facet" - like the word behind its name - of its personality, and to explore a new universe. Facetasm brings to life silhouettes playing with proportions and overlays, and gave life to deconstructed pieces to be better reconstructed afterwards. The brand is inspired by the 90s, skate culture and hip hop.
A graduate of Bunka Fashion College, from which Kenzo Takada and Jun Takahashi graduated, Hirochimi Ochiai worked for the textile company Guildwork for eight years before launching his own brand. His work earned him the honours of the profession in 2016, and a place of finalist of the LVMH Award (won that year by Wales Bonner).