Collection: Donald Drumm

Don Drumm, the solar sculptor

A pioneer of aluminum for artistic purposes, Don Drumm is an American sculptor best known for his production of expressive-faced suns, which he has developed in many forms, in sculpture, pin or pendant. Paving the way for the use of new techniques in metal carving in the late 1950s, he founded his own studio in 1960 near the University of Akron in Ohio, which he expanded in 1971 into a gallery. Today, the Don Drumm Studio and Gallery, where he continues to produce and experiment every day, has eight buildings and exhibits nearly 500 artists.
His aluminium sculptures are crossed by pure light, and evoke Aztec art as well as the acidic movement of the 60s. His works are present everywhere in Akron, where he resides, on a wall of the United States Embassy in Honduras, for which he made an aluminum eagle, as well as at LECLAIREUR Boissy d'Anglas.
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