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Casablanca, the brand that invites you to travel

Charaf Tajer, the brand's creator, has succeeded in making the fashion world travel with his collections filled with exoticism. Under the acid silk of Casablanca, the designer imagines sunny silhouettes that evoke the summer of his childhood.

 A personal, diversified brand that perfectly reflects the identity of the designer through which he is not afraid to claim his dual Franco-Moroccan culture. But also his globetrotting side that he transcribes during his fashion shows that make you travel to the 4 corners of the world.

 "Casablanca" which inspires him daily, but also the city of love since it pays tribute to the Moroccan city where his parents fell in love while they were working together in a sewing workshop.

This is how he transmits his values during his fashion shows, unveiling authentic pieces full of stories mixing solar energy and original silhouettes. Beyond an invitation to travel, the designer invites you to dream by sharing his imaginary universe where light and joy of living are advocated.

 As for the DNA of the brand, the designer has opted for a dreamlike style that he calls the "Granny Gangsters", mixing the flagship piece of the collection: the cashmere terrycloth tracksuit associated with more pointed pieces.

A daring and offbeat style responding to the codes and values of the scout where he easily made his place.

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