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The secret
Carol Christian Poell is an artist at heart, and one who cultivates a taste for secrecy. Austrian by birth, trained in sewing in Vienna, he now lives and works in Milan. He thinks about and designs each of his pieces as so many snippets of his life, from his shoes with indescribable soles to his jackets, black like the crow's dress. Pieces, he shares some of them. But not all of them: he neither produces nor presents his creations to the public unless it seems coherent to him. His wardrobe is rock, avant-garde, rebellious, dark, deliberately patinated, offbeat, inspired and inspiring. Welcome to a futuristic world where the past lingers and a certain classicism emphasizes the dark side that each one conceals. If there was still a need to bring out Poell and his creations, the high technologies he uses alone would be fascinating and almost limitless. Between us it is said, this label, intimate by the way, has become a cult brand.
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