The Tokyoist Ambush brand, the original idea of ​​the self-taught designer Yoon Anh and her husband producer and verbal hip-hop artist, is initially developed in 2008 as an experimental jewelry collection. The brand's unique flagship items quickly become popular with the most daring fashionistas. The rapid expansion of the claw leads to a multitude of collaborations with coveted artists and fashion icons before the launch of its very first ready-to-wear collection in 2018. Pieces with references to Vintage Americaa come up against Elegant hip-hop styles, while utilitarian fittings, irreverent graphic t-shirts and net accessories inspired by military inspiration easily agree with bracelets and necklaces with massive links. Ambush Streetwear creations come from the fierce intrepid spirit and the undeniable magnetism of its founders: this is a resolutely rebellious and inimitable design approach.