Love at first sight and red carpet.
The Aganovich label was born from the meeting between the globe-trotting writer Brooke Taylor and the graduate of the Cental Saint Martin’s school in London, Nana Aganovich. Immediately, the duo decided to build everything together. Private life and professional life are mixed. Together, they weave the weft of the world they want to create. They share a mutual love of the sartorial story and the certainty that life is perfected through multiple scenarios.
From the design to the hem of the dress, the beauty of the gesture prevails over the gesture itself. Paris becomes their haven of creation for what the city stands for: the home of fashion designers offers a certain philosophical rebellion that suits Aganovich, whose soul does not bow to traditional rules of fashion. Its creators offer those who wear them the opportunity to write their own stories, rich in mystery, poetry and sometimes theatrical intrigue.