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1017 Alyx 9SM

With more than ten years of experience in streetwear, music and arts, giving rise to collaborations with Nick Knight, Kanye West and Alexander McQueen, the co -founder of Been Trill, Matthew M. Williams, On the foot in 2015 his own claw: 1017 Alyx 9SM. Among a range of utility pieces enhanced with imposing text, embroidered images and industrial accents, there are, among other things, the iconic rollercoaster belt, military pants and leather lesses. Rigid silver, clean ready-to-wear and silhouettes workwear Both functional and sophisticated intermingle in a harmonious bouquet. Each collection of the line is meticulously made from eco-responsible processes. Now that Williams heads the Givenchy creation team in 2020, the future prospects of 1017 Alyx 9SM seem all the more promising.

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