ZIGGY CHEN - Shanghai's Past, Today's Fashion

ZIGGY CHEN - Shanghai's Past, Today's Fashion - LECLAIREUR

It is when Ziggy Chen felt the winds of men's fashion shift, aligning the stars perfectly, that he decided, with years of industry experience and a burning passion for fashion, to launch his eponymous brand and, in 2012, his first collection. Since then, his rich and intrinsic Shanghainese influences have allowed him to offer us a multitude of pieces, mixing technical articulations and dreamy volumes.

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Chen creates luxurious and distinguished pieces, imagined for the urban man and for a sharp eye. With his mind floating towards his cultural heritage, the designer keeps his feet firmly planted in the modern and constantly developing world. Rigorous in his creative process, Chen never loses sight of the concept - at the heart of the brand - and manages to combine contrast and experimentation, bases that he completes with each new collection by original and innovative details, all focused on his own, unique vision.

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Chen's design knows no boundaries. He develops it around the globe, even inventing new textiles inspired by those created at the beginning of the last century. Infused with the sensibility of this nomadic Taoist, the meticulously crafted pieces alone connect East to West, rural to urban, worker to dandy. He also invites the encounter between natural fiber materials such as wool, hemp or linen, and the richness of leather or delicate cotton, in sculptural, dynamic and universal garments.

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The streets of Shanghai are revealed in the soul of each of his pieces, evoking the mystical and powdery atmosphere of days gone by, while appealing to the eye of the aesthete within us all.

Discover the work of Ziggy Chen, exclusively at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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