YATAY - In green and against all odds

YATAY - In green and against all odds - LECLAIREUR

Can fashion be ethical? In 2019, we are entitled to ask ourselves this question. As society's awareness of the environment evolves, and our view of the relationship we have with animals changes, fashion, which is also obliged to follow suit, is gradually adapting.

A number of major industry players have already joined the Fur Free Alliancea coalition of more than 40 animal protection organizations. These include: GucciBurberry, Versace or Armani. It is therefore very logical that vegan fashion is gaining ground, year after year. Stella McCartneywho is known for her commitment to the animal cause, uses vegetable leather for all her collections. Young brands are also changing the game, including Yataywhich is entering this season in the selection of Leclaireur, with a collection of shoes available on rue Sévigné and on Leclaireur.com.

Yatay, or the Italian shoe made entirely from plant materials. The brand proves that fashion can also be respectful of the environment and remain a pure moment of pleasure. The result? 2 years of work to create shoes with a minimalist, timeless and above all ethical design. Because Yatay is committed to an eco-responsible approach by limiting the impact of their production as much as possible, and this goes as far as the consumption of electricity allocated to the servers they use, and the use of an innovative ventilation system that is much less polluting than air conditioning. Yatay is also committed against deforestation by planting a tree for each pair of shoes sold, in partnership with the NGO One Tree Planted.

Yatay white sneakers

Discover the Yatay collection, and its exclusive burgundy model for Leclaireur.com.

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