Y/PROJECT - Royal Wedding


This winter, Y/Project combines the historical with the contemporary, the past with the present and promises us a baroque season. Their world, exuberant, full of emphases, is deconstructed in order to be better reconstructed, and to welcome the opposites with harmony.

YProject FW17 item 01

What do Marie-Antoinette, Josephine de Beauharnais and Anne Boleyn have in common? Queens, empresses, icons of their time in any case, they rise from their ashes, escape from the history books, rescued and alive. Glenn Martens and his team have combined their images on one of the accessories of the moment: the supporter's scarf. They also enriched casual shirts and bombers with puffed sleeves, in an Ice Palace atmosphere, even on the street. The hip-hop hoodie also gets its letters of nobility, with great reinforcements of tulle. Royal.


YProject FW17 article 02 YProject FW17 article 03

Y/Project boldly mixes noble materials with others, less expected. Cotton and silk, synthetic and velvet, the paradoxes do not stop there. Exaggerated, the size of accessories. Voluminous, the jackets. Even the leather pants are transformed into huge boots that, once worn, seem designed to establish a certain authority over the world, fashion, and even the rock scene. Jeans are worn high-waisted, playing with spectacular pleated effects, giving the silhouette a princely opulence.

YProject FW17 article 04

Winner of the 2017 Andam Grand Prix, Glenn Martens has drawn from Bruges, the city where he grew up, what makes it special: its history, its culture. This season's silhouettes seem to have come out of the imagination of Flemish painters - Van Eyck comes to mind, and all show the designer's keen sense of detail.

YProject FW17 article 05

Take the high road at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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