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In some collections, Grace Wales Bonner has experienced a meteoric rise. Already named "Emerging menswear designer" by the British Fashion Council, she won the 2016 LVMH prize at the end of January, succeeding Marques ' AlmeidaThe award recognizes the most talented and promising young designers of the moment. This distinction, received the day after the presentation to London of his fall-winter 2017 collectionThe new collection, which is now in its fourth year, highlights the potential of a designer who is now considered one of the leading lights of her generation.

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This season, Grace Wales Bonner explores times, dialects and styles with Spirituals II, an ode to travelers, pilgrims and migrants. The designer honors their common and necessary energy, which contributes to the vitality of the countries and cultures that welcome them.

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The warm and luminous tones of the streets of Dakar are reflected in the silk sports jackets, and the shoes, halfway between shoes and sandals. The zebra and leopard patterns take over the streets of London or Paris, combined with leather pants, checks, or harlequin pattern, Florentine inspiration. The Renaissance took over Jamaica, the streets of Kingston, with silhouettes drenched in linen, with lines of androgynous fluidity. Double-breasted jackets, in creamy white, left Savile Row for the Caribbean sun.

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Born in London to an English mother and a Jamaican father, Grace Wales Bonner is herself the product of a mixed heritage. She draws her inspiration from black culture in the broadest sense. Music, jazz, cinema, blaxploitation films, literature, painting (with artists such as Kerry James Marshall): all these fields of expression allow the English designer to explore, through her work, a part of her heritage, and to give black identity more visibility.

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Explore eras and cultures, and brighten up your wardrobe, with Grace Wales Bonner, at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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