VERA WANG - "Paris, I love you

VERA WANG - "Paris, I love you" - LECLAIREUR

Paris, her oxygen bubble... Paris, her eternal love.... Vera Wang loves France, loves Paris, and tells us so. Better still, she whispers it to us. Decorated with the Legion of Honor on February 28, the American designer is dedicating her collection fall-winter 2017 collection to our capital, erected as a sanctuary.

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The woman who became famous thanks to immaculate and teeming wedding dresses usually deploys a usually sober, all-black-and-white wardrobe for her ready-to-wear collections.

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But for this season, Vera Wang creates a whole line of slender silhouettes, of airy and bewitching women. The dresses and skirts in georgette silk, black, fall to the ground, fluid, and reflect this lightness. The shoulders are clear, the waist high, the aesthetic hyper minimalist, the lines pure.

Vera Wang 04

Vera Wang enriches her silhouettes with details that catch the light and evoke Parisian glitz and glamour, like the finely worked lace of a skirt. The American designer adds herringbone sleeves to the hoodies, in the spirit of Napoleon, hijacking a symbol of courage, balance and strength, a nod to a period in French history when the Empire style was in fashion.

Vera Wang 05

If Vera Wang loves Paris so much, it's because her passion for fashion was born here, in the City of Light, in the late 1960s. The American designer was studying art history at the Sorbonne at the time, while she lived next door to 30 bis rue Spontini, where the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house was born.

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