UNUM - Like a Perfume of Eternity

UNUM - Like a Perfume of Eternity - LECLAIREUR

UNUM, unity in Latin. Through his five fragrances with mystical essences, Filippo Sorcinelli responds to the imperious and almost imperial will to form a whole with body and spirit, to transcend the times, and to compose a symphony of harmonious scents. LAVS, the first extract from this collection, is also the name of his workshop for the creation of sacred clothing, founded in 2001. The former tailor at the service of Popes Benedict XVI and Francis saw his passion for exceptional fragrances born in contact with liturgical vestments.

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The Italian designer Filippo Sorcinelli first imagined LAVS to perfume the ornaments of the sacred vestments he produces, before making it available to those who dream of both the nobility of materials and the cutting edge, and who make it a point of honor to distill the spiritual into a daily reinvented. With LAVS, lovers of woody and amber essences will find their satisfaction in the contact with precious jasmine and black pepper so characteristic. Each fragrance has its own story, its own life. Where Symphonie Passion traces Scorcinelli's journey, undertaken in the footsteps of the wonderful 20th century organist Marcel Dupré, Opus 1144 is rooted in the vision of a particular night, and in the rebirth of being.

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The bottles resemble monoliths, black, metallic or golden, like millennia-old creations imagined by nature, with straight and perfectly cut lines that one imagines coming from another time. Each perfume, nestled in a black cardboard box, initiates the new chapter of an ancient, sacred, magical book, whose pages, perhaps, offer the soul true answers and a feeling of reconciliation, of unity: UNUM.

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