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Jun Takahashi has always been driven by a punk energy. Inspired early on by Vivienne Westwood's creations, the Japanese designer has managed to instill in his collections, in the silhouettes he imagines, this electricity to which he used to plug his microphone when he was the singer of the Tokyo Sex Pistols. This season, Undercover jumps right into the future with a collection that celebrates the fictional bands that the next generation of modern young people may listen to.


Oversized pieces on top, slims jeans with holes in the knees, boots like Dr Martens, the attitude is casual, without compromise. Undercover declines slender silhouettes playing with the aesthetic codes of the post-punk scene, underlining the intimate relationship that Jun Takahashi has with this musical genre. We find the influences of a band like Joy Division, through a denim jacket whose patches take up some lyrics of " Atmosphere "released in 1980. On top, we dare the oversize and successive layers, shirt, sweater, houndstooth jacket with worn-out edgesand we assume the cap decorated with a starlike a shepherd's star, to guide the wise men and lost souls in the desert of style.

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Undercover approaches the future with a blissful optimism, similar to the one that colors the dystopian novel Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess adapted to the cinema by Kubrick. Takahashi scatters here and there references to the work with new age printsprints, or with this plaid trench coat like a bathrobe to go out or sit on the couch listening to the 9th symphony of Beethoven. The music? A spiritual noise.

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