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Since the early 90s, Jun Takahashi has been creating collections with strong narrative power, fueled by an innate sense of theatricality that blows a wind of rebellion. This season, he makes Undercover wear between utopia on the woman's side and dystopia on the man's side.


With the women's collection "But Beautiful III Utopia", it is a world of beautiful creatures that Takahashi offers us, a world inspired by nature, between beauty and enchantment, a world where the difference is celebrated. No matter the status: aristocrats, young rebels, monarchs, soldiers ... The softness of pastel tones is supported by more punk effects, one of the major influences of Jun Takahashi. Remember that he was the frontman of a cover band called The Tokyo Sex Pistols. Everything is said.

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The sweaters with long sleeves, as if eaten by moths, are sometimes so oversized that they turn into dresses, like fantastic reinterpretations of Alice in Wonderland. Bombers dare the strawberry collar, the worker bee print in the back. Dresses are transformed into beehives. The lapels of military-inspired coats bend like leaves under the dew.


For men, we discover a "Brain Washed Generation", apathetic, protected under multiple layers of clothing in dark tones that echo the dark sides of our cities. Oversized down jackets and cardigans are designed in combination with each other for a total street style look, created with the know-how that Undercover has always cultivated.

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"MEDIA IS GOD" announces the long-sleeved sweaters, cut short at the waist, as for the Women's collection. The attitude is loose and triumphant, a sign that Jun Takahashi is having fun with everything and anything, with his devil horned hat underlining the dangers of a mechanical mind, devoid of any emotion, of any humanity.


Discover the fantastic worlds of Undercover at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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