TOOGOOD - Spring Cleaning

TOOGOOD - Spring Cleaning - LECLAIREUR

The sisters Toogood bring a unique approach to fashion filled with passion and conviction. It is these convictions that drive them to create sparingly, paying close attention to the value of each thing and the intention behind the creation, away from gender concerns.


For their spring/summer 2018 collection, Faye and Erica Toogood are putting their hands to work. It's time to clean up our clutter. So, they focus on those who pass behind us, who make the world spotless, who, armed quite often with chemicals, create a purer world.

This eighth collection is a call to order, a sartorial invitation to get our act together.

Know-how, labor, sweat and detergent. These are the pillars of a new world.

toogood-ss18-article-01 toogood-ss18-article-02

The pants and jackets in cotton and washi, seem to be made of charcoal, contrasting with white cords acting as a tie or belt. Then, from one silhouette to another, the deep gray, fades away leaving only a few traces of its passage, in the gathers of a belt, on the sides of a seam, on a white pants. Once the work is finished, only the immaculate tones of the natural fiber remain.

The silhouette Toogood silhouette is inspired by work clothes, once stripped of their military and industrial elements, letting the details take over. These unisex pieces are reminiscent of uniforms with shirted jackets, or traditional Asian clothing with short pants and wide cuts.


toogood-ss18-article-04 toogood-ss18-article-05 toogood-ss18-article-06

left: pants
in the center : washi shorts
on the right : white printed pants

Discover the spring-summer 2018 collection of Toogood at and at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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