THE LAST CONSPIRACY - Traces of the Infinite



When Iberian know-how meets Nordic minimalism, the shoe transcends its own nature and becomes a work of art.


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Imagined in Denmark, rich of the Portuguese heritage, the creations of The Last Conspiracy are much more than simple shoes. Totally handcrafted, they are conceived as objects whose primary function is to explore the world. A solid base for an even stronger wardrobe, made to mark the wearer's life, to grow and evolve with him, to mature in a common grace.

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"Before being a design studio, we are authentic shoemakers."

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Every step leading to the finished product has been thought through. Leather is selected from the finest hides, then treated before being shaped, even sculpted. With their know-how as a standard, The Last Conspiracy knows how to exist in its time, with wisdom and will. The result speaks for itself with post-modern and versatile shoes and other leather goods, adaptable to free spirits and fearless feet, or to those who dream of taking a swing.


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Take seven leagues in a few steps with The Last Conspiracy, exclusively at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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