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Hiroyuki Murase likes history. The one with a capital H. The one, too, that has been whispered like a secret in the ear, from mother to daughter and from father to son for more than 400 years and whose soft whispering has tended to be lost. Of the 10,000 initiates of this story, only 200 remain today. This jealously guarded treasure, as light as a cotton thread and as colorful as the leaves that dye it, is called Shibori.

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Literally, "Shibori" means to twist, in Japanese; practically, it is the work of hand-dyeing pieces of fabric patiently knotted and woven, an ancestral technique that Murase uses. Thick scarves or stoles so thin they become transparent, or sweaters with rich and ingenious patterns, inspired by the past, to be lived in the present. Colors emerge, deep and vibrant, like the intense red in which he dyed his creation for the Shigoto Project, a delicate and complex jacket made of Shibori, the threads of which have not been detached.

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Murase, by applying this process to other materials than the original cotton, by using cashmere, alpaca and silk, gives to Shibori an originality that can cross borders. His talent was quickly spotted by the greatest: Yohji Yamamoto, Dior, Calvin Klein wanted to collaborate with him.

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According to him, Murase's unique know-how is based on skill, knowledge, experience and a sense of aesthetics. To these four elements necessary for creation, the master of Shibori adds the final piece of a personal puzzle - feeling, which he defines as the intention put into every gesture of the process, in the love of handwork. Five key cogs essential to an authentic creation, full of humanity, between mastery of time, history and true love.

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Suzusan's creations, born to enrich the person who will wear them, are to be discovered exclusively at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas, Leclaireur Sévigné, Leclaireur Hérold.

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