Springtime fever

Springtime fever - LECLAIREUR

At the height of spring, the summer sky suddenly has a taste of aniseed.

We wear the glassesKame ManNenWe wear Kame ManNen glasses, dazzled by the sun rather than by the night. Let's take advantage of the good weather, in a shirt and oversized pantsEdward Crutchleyperfect for chilling out Greek style with patterns validated by Dionysus himself. We dare the pants with floral patterns,Edward Crutchleyalways, to enter little by little in osmosis with nature.

Eating dandelions by the root is excluded, since we wear them on a shirt signedAlex Mullinswhose sides seem to be diluted in the vapors of a burgundy red, the same one we find on the velvet pantsAnn Demeulemeester

The jeans of the jacketPorts 1961warms us up a little more and, with a serene mind, we follow the lines of a jacket or a shirtAndrea Crewson a t-shirtRocking Hwith one motto:Be Positiveon your feet.

Let's enjoy this moment as if it would last forever...

edito-dionysos-ss18-article-05 edito-dionysos-ss18-article-06

Model: Thimour @mmanagement
Make up: Angie Moulin
Photographer: Bruno Rizzato

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