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Constantinople, the current Istanbul, in the heart of the former Ottoman Empire, separates Europe from the Arab world. A city in the heart of an Empire like the synthesis of two worlds only separated by the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Fascinated by Ottoman art, Sener Besim now makes eyeglasses inspired by arabesques, mosaics of mosques and temples, these geometric shapes that repeat endlessly and rise to the heavens. With their round shapes, curved lines and purified to the extreme, the glassesSener Besimsay everything about the passion that the creator has for the majestic domes built by the faith of men.

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One thinks of the Sainte-Sophie Church, still present witness of the past centuries, basilica reconverted into mosque with its minarets of an infinite smoothness, smoothness similar to that of the frames of the glasses Sener Besim. The creator born of Albanian and Turkish parents, works with this idea of lightness, seeking harmony between light and shadow, with the avowed aim of reaching a "metaphysical" feeling.

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To give a frame to the space, such is the first ambition of Sener BesimThis ambition takes shape thanks to the use of pure titanium, a material used in aeronautics, in particular, whose main properties are finesse and lightness. Glasses produced in Japan, and only two hundred pairs per season, that Sener Besim summarizes with this formula: "youth, freedom and design meet tradition, form and technical excellence".

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