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Sara Lanzi is a balancing act, and this is reflected in her collections. Each one of them aims at balance, the perfect dose of contrasts.


As a child of the 80's, Sara Lanzi has always loved fashion, while seeing this world as an unattainable vase. So it was at university that she let her very personal style of dress express itself, while studying art history, earning a degree in historic preservation. But her creative potential does not leave indifferent, and she is directed towards a fashion brand.

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Carpe Diem, was then the independent label of the designer Maurizio Altieri. It is within this house that she understands that independence is part of her creation, and that it would quickly become her trademark. Six years later her independent brand was created, in 2007 she presented her collection in Paris, where she met Rei Kawakubo. A shopping trip that quickly turned into creative love at first sight. The founder of Comme des Garçons became the mentor of the young Italian, helping her to become the discreet and subtle designer she is today.

"Comme des Garçons is an indispensable reference; a statement for women who refuse the dictatorship of cute."



A quote that Sara Lanzi applies to her own creations, as evidenced by her fall-winter 2018 collection. From knitwear to classically inspired pieces, Lanzi distills details as subtle as they are clever. Seeking creative balance, she puts opposing concepts in tension, creating asymmetrical dresses in pink tartan, lace shirts with exaggerated patterns, and casual pants held together by a rope at the waist. All made in Italy, Sara Lanzi's clothes speak of a woman in tune with her masculinity, who sees beyond the object, who seeks beauty in the everyday, just like her designer.

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Discover the fall-winter 2018 collection at Leclaireur Héroldand soon on 

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