SAGITTARIUS A - Samphrenia


Sagittarius A is a new mark. It is also the name of a radio source located in the center of our galaxy, in the constellation of Sagittarius. Don't see any direct causal connection here, the truth lies elsewhere. Created in 2017, Sagittarius A is the result of a reflection on contemporary society, and how to create clothes, against the backdrop of its designers' love for art and fashion.

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Samphrenia is the very first collection signed by Sagittarius A. Tribute to Flight over a cuckoo's nest by Milos Foreman, this unisex collection takes its name from a contraction of Sample and Schizophrenia. Sagittarius A offers a mystical collection, playing with famous logos such as Marlboro, on a khaki green parka, Shell and Mastercard, which can be found on an oversized wool sweater. To note, the inspiration Margiela reflected in the suit jackets with visible seams suggesting the traces of the pattern, and a deconstructed look.

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These young designers in their thirties, self-taught and discreet, not to say anonymous, have the ambition to create clothes that are 100% original, sublimated by each step necessary to their production, whether it is research in the design, in the fabrics used, in the cuts, but also in the visuals, painted in oil on canvas before being photographed.

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Discover the fall/winter 2018 collection Sagittarius A at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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