ROSANTICA - An Imperial Headstand

ROSANTICA - An Imperial Headstand - LECLAIREUR

Leclaireur loves femininity, just as much as Michela Panero loves to celebrate it. Passionate about history, the Italian designer draws her inspiration from engravings and Greco-Roman nudes - those of goddesses, queens and vestals - and creates unique objects in their image.

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Her jewellery, like no other, dresses the neckline, spreads along the back until it embraces the hips. Her hand or ankle jewelry, dipped in bowls of gold, and above all her tiaras and crowns, are all unique pieces whose elegance is unequalled and timeless. Michela Panero's imagination, without limit, goes so far as to propose to us chainmail headpieces that prove to be of a surprising finesse, modernity and discretion.

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The designer shares with Athena the love and mastery of the craft. She uses only natural materials, rare stones, bone and pearls, her favorites, which she cuts and divides to better decline them, associate them, and unroll them like colored waves that will dance on the skin of the wearer.

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If her head jewels have made her famous and are associated with a nocturnal wardrobe of parties that one imagines dancing, poetic and magical, in imaginary castles, in the footsteps of Alain Fournier, the miracle of Michela Panero is fully accomplished in all her creations. With their light colors and fine gold work, Rosantica's romantic pieces are urban, youthful, almost deceptive in their simplicity, beyond the obvious sophistication of their design. They can easily be worn over jeans, like accessories that have nothing to do with accessories.

Celebrate femininity with Rosantica at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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