ROSA MARIA - Treasures of the Orient

ROSA MARIA - Treasures of the Orient - LECLAIREUR

Rosy Abourous has always had a fascination for antique style jewelry, full of history, jewelry imbued with the magnetism of queens and goddesses of ancient times. She shapes with Rosa Maria jewelry with a minimalist style, lucky charms destined to stand the test of time and to sublimate those who take possession of them.

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The jewelry Rosa Mariajewelry is above all a mystical encounter between geometric shapes, born of the human imagination, and more organic shapes born of the genius of nature. Precious stones, rubies, topaz and sapphires, and cut diamonds are set in alloys of gold, silver, sometimes copper, and zinc, sublimated by the use of ancient Ottoman techniques of forging and mounting, which today make up the inimitable signature of the house. And suddenly, as if by magic, the rings shine, sparkling, reflecting an almost millennial light, like the treasures of the Thousand and One Nights, like the jewels worn by the Queen of Sheba.

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Born in Beirut, Rosy Abourous still works in her native Lebanon, where she gives life to rings, pendants and earrings in a style of refinement that can only be the fruit of a rare sensitivity and requirement.

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