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PIET HEIN EEK - Everything is changing - LECLAIREUR

Designer above all, Piet Hein Eek is also one of the pioneers of the upcycling movement, which could be summarized by this famous formula of Lavoisier: "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed".

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The Dutch designer's approach is simple, it is above all about being pragmatic, doing something useful and intelligent. The choice of materials and their durability are therefore key parameters, at the origin of his creative work. This last one passes by the technique of the scrap woodThe technique of scrap wood is the use of old pieces, scraps of wood, glued, superimposed on each other.


Among his most beautiful works are tables made of recycled wood, which he cuts into small squares, lacquered, like the one presented at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas. This table with light tones is distinguished by touches of darker colors, squares burgundy, navy blue, brown. L'space of the rue Hérold houses, in addition to its white porcelain vases, a series of chests of drawers, with a raw, minimalist style, produced in the same way, using this very particular technique which gives these handmade works all their character, in adequacy with the hushed atmosphere of the places.

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Images by Alexandre Gaudin for Leclaireur

For Piet Hein Eekscrap wood is the logical consequence of a personal awareness he had at a very young age, and of a marked interest in the question of recycling, an eminently contemporary issue. One of his most famous pieces dates from the early 90s. Then student in design, he realizes a series of cupboards for his project of end of studies, entitled Scrap wood cupboards.

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