Peace Love Paris 2015-2016

Peace Love Paris 2015-2016 - LECLAIREUR

Leclaireur likes time to stand still.

The pale rays, these last days, are finally lengthening... The steps slow down and linger... Winter languishes, and the thoughts slide, tactile... The youth (always) in love strolls.

A hand on a coat, simple gestures, full of meaning, and all of Paris comes to life, under the tender glow of a winter day - and under the lens of Amit Israeli.

Peace Love Paris editorial 01

Her, Coat : 08SIRCUS, Sweater : ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Pants : ROSIE ASSOULIN, Boots : MASÈLL ; Him, Blazer : SAINT LAURENT, Pants : ZIGGY CHEN, Boots : MARSÈLL

Peace Love Paris editorial 02

Total look : MOOHONG, Shoes : MARSÈLL

Peace Love Paris editorial header

Her, Coat : AGANOVICH ; Him, Vest and Coat : DIGAWEL

Peace Love Paris editorial 03

Her, Coat : MAISON RABIH KAYROUZ, Skirt : GIVENCHY, Shoes : MARSÈLL ; Him, Coat : SAINT LAURENT, Sweater : KOLOR, Shorts : BY WALID, Leggings : JULIUS, Boots : MARSÈLL

Peace Love Paris editorial 04


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