OFYR - Fire up your taste buds!

OFYR - Fire up your taste buds! - LECLAIREUR

From a distance, OFYR looks like those ancient basins where an original fire burns, which we like to imagine standing on Mount Olympus, so that a Greek god can come and rekindle his flame.

OFYR is a brazier whose simple lines and minimalist forms make it an object halfway between an outdoor kitchen element, such as a plancha or barbecue, and a contemporary art sculpture. From now on, the kitchen is a moment of celebration, and the one who creates it is the heart of it. The shape of the cooking plate, all in roundness, invites the guests to gather around it, to share, all together, moments of pure conviviality. Hans Goosens created OFYR out of his love for design and long summer evenings with friends.

The griddle offers an ideal cooking surface for grilling, cooking meat, fish and vegetables freshly picked or brought from the market. It can also be used for stewing, simmering and even flambéing, since everything stays on the plate. Made from Corten steel, used in architecture and design for its appearance and resistance to weather conditions, OFYR lends itself to all environments. It can be moved from one place to another easily, can be used in large or small gardens, and can be used in summer or winter.

The OFYR brazier is available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas

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