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Richard QuinnErdemQuetscheandA.W.A.K.E.have one thing in common: the 90s. These young designers at the helm of their brand all grew up in a time when pop culture was going fromNirvanatoSpice Girlsthrough to2PacandNotorious BIGall on MTV, fromSimpsonsto Friends and the dresses ofRachelfrom the moonwalk inMichael Jackson to the frantic race ofPamela Andersonon the beach...

These four new finds, present four very different visions of women, that Leclaireur groups together in a pop-inspired editorial, reminiscent of the credits ofParker Lewis never losesand thePrince of Bel Air.


Richard Quinn
This so-British designer, who came from Savile Row, reinvents a fashion inspired by the 60s. Lightweight floral dresses and full body suits, all in velvet, highlight Hitchcockian heroines and BDSM socialites. In short, fetishistic silhouettes, likeVelvet Undergroundfor women who know what they want.




Richard Quinn jacket,Monse shirtRokh pants, Saint Laurent boots



Passed byMaison MargielaandLanvinYang Li (not to be confused with the otherYang Li) is inspired by the world of fantasy, manga -Nausicaä of the Valley of the Windin particular. He deconstructs the silhouettes as with this silk dress in trompe l'oeil, which seems to come straight out of a dream in 3 dimensions, playing with the lightness of fabrics to breathe into our lives a little poetry.



For "All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm" - or "all wonderful adventures raise enthusiasm" in the language of Molière. Nominated at the 2017 Fashion Awards in the British Emerging Talent category, Natalia Alaverdian has made A.W.A.K.E. a daydream. The former fashion editor of the Russian Harper Bazaar plays with folds and volumes to give shape to silhouettes with sculptural lines, and dreamlike, almost surreal accents.



A.W.A.K.E. coatA.W.A.K.E. belt


Erdem Moralioglou dresses Elizabethan beauties who would have given anything to marry Prince William. We think of Kate Winslet on the deck of the Titanic, marveling at a sunset (before the story of the big ice cube of course). The English heritage is omnipresent, translated among other things by Prince of Wales, Victorian or other richly flowered patterns, with ornaments on dresses, coats.



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Model : Adelaïde @ParisStudioAgency
Makeup : Kasia Furtak
Hairstyle : Ludovic Dupuis

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