PATTERNS - Square Aces


This winter, the chances of coming across checkered patterns are 100%. Whether you're preppy or punk, the check can be worn proudly, and can even become the signature of a multi-inspired silhouette. Tartan, checkerboard, gingham, prince of Wales ... the tile adopts various forms and adapts to the tastes of everyone. Balenciaga dares the marriage of modern and past by signing a tartan scarf in capital letters. Off-White sees the tile in macro mode, between abstraction and XXL desires. Monse combines the Prince of Wales and tartan on the same skirt. At Delada, the gingham check softens a piece with avant-garde accents, while it irrevocably draws the eye and hypnotizes at Undercover. Check out a selection of fall/winter 2018 pieces below, and live the season all in plaid.


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