MONSE - Women of Head

MONSE - Women of Head - LECLAIREUR

This season spring/summer 17the Monse woman is natural, sensual and casual from evening to morning.

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Since the beginning of Monse, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim - who were appointed artistic directors ofOscar de la Rentawhere they met in the mid-2000s - have made the shirt the central element of their collections. They both take a different look at this basic, essential piece, and inject it with a second wind... to take your breath away. At Monsereworked, reinterpreted, deconstructed, it becomes, here, a chameleon, alternately blouse and evening dress.

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And there, with a gesture, she frees a shoulder to highlight the neck and the lines. Sleeves lengthen, pants gain volume, the shine of sequins adds a festive touch to silhouettes full of contrasts. The archetype of the working girl thus takes all its power and emancipates itself, transforming with it the volumes of its silhouette, modernized and fluid.

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Monse praises a free, assumed beauty, achieved without effort. Natural, already present at the jump of the bed, or almost, as attested by the stripes of a trompe-l'oeil sequin skirt, reminiscent of those of silk pajamas. Beautiful, yes, beautiful by day, beautiful by night.

Available at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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