MONCLER GENIUS 6 - Moncler Black Kei Ninomiya

MONCLER GENIUS 6 - Moncler Black Kei Ninomiya - LECLAIREUR


After Hiroshi Fujiwara for Moncler Fragment, the Italian brand launches 6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya, the second collection of the fall-winter 2018 season. A neo-futuristic collection of a black romanticism, an intense, deep, bright and omnipresent black, sublimating geometric and feminine forms emphasizing an experimental approach to clothing.



Up top, the texture of the jackets, loose in the shoulders, or high-waisted and short-sleeved, embraces the shape of snowflakes, quilted interlacing, protecting the silhouette while aesthetically sublimating it. From process to visual, the Japanese designer goes beyond the limits of down by using sewing techniques, sometimes bypassing them, to assemble small modules, one with the other or on top of the other, to create floral details, ruching on shiny nylon, textured leather.

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Kei Ninomiya focuses on shapes and volumes, on structure, before the idea of clothing itself. The silhouettes are sculptural, highlighted by pieces that display decorative and geometric elements on all their surfaces.


Disciple of Rei Kawakubo, Kei Ninomiya studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp before joining Comme des Garçons as a pattern maker in September 2008, before launching Noir, her own brand, in 2012, with black as a mainstay.


Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya is available until August 21 at Leclaireur Sévigné and on

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