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At Miaoranthe collection spring/summer 2017 is an invitation to dominate the waves, to be one with the water, to overcome our fears anchored in the ocean depths.

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Behind the panache-filled irony of its name, "Ichthyophobia" - or morbid fear of fish, this collection is above all an ode to hope, to that flame, that inner strength that vibrates within each of us. It is also an injunction to confront our fear, to observe it in order to better define it, or even tame it. Embroidered on jackets, coats, oilskins, hats, these various aquatic elements (jellyfish, fish and other creatures) colonize with pleasure silhouettes with imposing volumes, conquerors, oscillating between the dark, the shiny, the mat and the luminous.

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The contrasts of textures play the symbolic: the vinyl for the shine of the coral, the cotton mixed with metallic threads for the scales, all the details underline the particular attention that Miao Ran shows in relation to the materials. The imposing volumes gain in softness, thanks to silk, linen light as a feather, and thanks to the details, like these scarves naively tied around the neck, or the fall of the sleeves, for an almost teenage look...

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Since the launch of her brand in 2014, and her first collection presented at the Milan fashion week two years later, the Chinese designer seduces by the precision with which he shapes silhouettes with exaggerated proportions and a poetic look. Deeply rooted in his time, he develops collections where genres merge, and sees clothes as "the house of the body", a place of life where the heart, finally protected, can open up, give itself entirely.

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