MEO FUSCIUNI - The Scent of the Spirit

MEO FUSCIUNI - The Scent of the Spirit - LECLAIREUR

Meo Fusciuni infuses his perfumes with memories of moments and places.

And because perfumes transport us, invite us to travel, everything had to start with destinations. Where dreams are born, where essences emerge, where perfumes come together to create the fragments of this whole called "life".

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The brand was born from the hands of a modern nomad, Giuseppe Imprezzabile, and his obsession with worlds and feelings, which he translated into a liquid and poetic language.


The designer follows a particular path, first of all herbalist, he spends his life surrounded by plants. From Sicily to Morocco and then to Turkey, he makes botany and anthropology his daily activities. Little by little, the two worlds blended to create one: perfumery.

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A new door opens on a brand and four collections. The first one, Trilogy of Journeyconsists of three fragrances: Rites of Passage, Shukran and Ciavuru from Amurithree invitations to get lost in the heart of Istanbul, Marrakech and the Sicilian childhood of Imprezzabile. The second, Cycle of Poetryis born from an essential paradox, day and night, Notturno and LuceThe second is a collection of scents that turn into ink for the poet who wants to write the darkness and the light. The third one, Mystic TrilogyNarcotico, Odor 93 and The oblìo - plunges us into the heart of limbo, peace and the unconscious.


The last cycle recently opened by the creator, is that of Metamorphosiswith a first fragrance called Little Song. This composition is the olfactory translation of consciousness, of the feeling of solitude that we face to evolve. It is born in the voice of Nick Cave, in the words of Camus and Kafka, in the images of Wim Wenders, and brings together notes of bergamot, ginger, rose and tobacco.

Meo Fusciuni - Little Song trailer 2 fullhd from Leclaireur on Vimeo.


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