MASNADA - From Body to Soul

MASNADA - From Body to Soul - LECLAIREUR

Masnada praises a garment conceived as a second skin, always close to the body, a natural extension that sublimates the movement, in these times of softness springtime.

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The silhouette Masnada silhouette is designed with a single stroke. Angelo Ianello relies on Italian know-how, the backbone of his collections, and on the use of incredibly durable natural materials - linen, cotton, hemp - processed in the old-fashioned way and worked by hand. The study of shapes, the use of natural colors, evoking the earth and a certain primitive aspect, ochre, mottled black, charcoal, offer this collection a minimalist aesthetic coupled with a raw strength. The openwork sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, sarouels are associated with each other.

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When Angelo Ianello founded Masnada in 2007, he already had a decade of experience in the creation of theater costumes and a sensitivity that pushed him towards the creation of new fabrics. Since then, back in his native land, the Italian designer has been experimenting, supported by the creative and loyal team with whom he already worked in the United Kingdom, and imagining pieces capable of adapting to the personality, even the energy of those who wear them. The fluidity of the materials favors a direct contact and seems to connect with our deepest emotions.

The result, timeless, is visible at Leclaireur Champs Elysées.

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