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An empty mirror, this is the mirror in which we reflect ourselves once facebook, instagram and our smartphones are turned off. Mihara Yasuhiro looked into this mirror, and from this long observation was born the collection Spring/Summer 2018collection, entitled #Blank Mirrors. More than just a hashtag, #Blank Mirrors is also the name of the fictitious music group that symbolizes this season, halfway between punk and gang rappers, as suggested by the aesthetics of a collection that calls for rebellion, or at least awareness.

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At MIHARAYASUHIROthe denim jacket is worn with the edges removed, cut raw, while the hoodie is oversized, hood folded over the head, to highlight the graphic details of the piece, and impose a silhouette of character. The white t-shirts, the shirts in plain gray, or red and black checks, feature patches in a punk way, as Vivienne Westwood or Jon Takahashi did before him with Undercover. The hashtags #DO NOT TAG, #UNLIMITED, #NOTHING appear on these patches, underlining the irony with which the Japanese designer approaches this subject.


MIHARAYASUHIRO plays the card of transgression, even hijacking the logo of the Dead Kennedys and the acronym Parental Advisory, often affixed to albums of rap or metal.

The Japanese designer has always cultivated a taste for transgression, insubordination, claiming a passion for the Dada movement, among others, born a century ago.

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