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MAD & LEN - Time Regained - LECLAIREUR

Time stands still. We are suddenly transported to a Provencal villa in the heart of summer. The scent of a candle Mad and Len are enough to forget the winter greyness.

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photos by Matteo Carcelli

The scents Mad and Len scents owe their power to meticulous craftsmanship. The classics of perfume - amber, musk... - have a place of choice in the house's universe, as do the scents of the sun - neroli, cypress. The aromas are measured out by hand, the wax is vegetable, the perfumes organic. All of this is presented in metal jars with an enigmatic design. Impossible to attach them to an era, as they seem to have crossed time.


The brand with irresistible fragrances was born from the meeting of two enthusiasts, Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, who share a passion for the apothecary stores of the 1920s. The couple launched their label in 2007. The name is a nod to the madeleine, which was praised by Marcel Proust.


Anchored in the South of France, Mad and Len works as closely as possible to this land of a thousand inspirations. The olfactory blends evoke buried memories, the extraordinary mysteries of everyday life and the wonders brought back from distant lands. Candles, home fragrances, potpourri: the house's creations are as much decorative objects as they are evocative fragrances and diffuse their aromas as if they were soulful supplements.

Find inspiration at its source with the candles of Mad and Lenavailable at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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