LITKOVSKAYA - Contrasting Harmonies

LITKOVSKAYA - Contrasting Harmonies - LECLAIREUR

Lilia Litkovskaya, between strength and softness, designs a feminine wardrobe rich in intentions.

A long straight skirt cut in a velvet full of sequins. A small short and dry sweater, softened with silk, prolonged with a very unique and very long sleeve. Lilia Litkovskaya provokes a very personal encounter between texture, structure and "sorry, what is this about? Her daring, even tumultuous silhouettes reconcile genres. Born in Kiev, the brand was presented for the first time at Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2009, and the stars have been shining on its path ever since, a path paved with awards from Elle Style, Ukraine's Best Fashion Awards, and the International Vogue Talents contest.

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With a definition of the woman who is resistant to the constraints of gender in its sights, the collection nevertheless has a tactile sensuality that makes its strength, its spirit, its essence. "I'm always looking for someone with a sparkle in their eye, someone who can embody the clothes, inhabit them. I like a woman to interpret the pieces in her own way, to transform them with her charisma. That's what brings new life to a garment."

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This spark, Litkovskaya seizes it, and infuses it into everything she creates. With Eastern Europe as her heritage, she artistically weaves garments that resonate with her thoughtful, sometimes breathtaking fabric choices and her timeless, sophisticated, independent vision of women's dressing. The over-shaved, over-sequinned jacket (the same one that goes with this very long and very straight skirt, yes), takes on a false air of colorful and shiny candy? Just slide the palm of your hand, flat, along these sequins, to suddenly caress a mysterious and mythical creature, whose movements reveal the luminescent and pearly facets of a modern-day mermaid. The carefully chosen cuts claim another idea of sensuality. The mixed silk, with its knotty and heavy edges, reveals itself to be light and comfortable, like an armor of love coiled against the skin.

Lilia Litkovskaya's sensorial and captivating creations are part of the selection Leclaireur Sévigné.

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