LITKOVSKAYA - Fire walk with me

LITKOVSKAYA - Fire walk with me - LECLAIREUR

At Litkovskayathe spring-summer 2018 is inspired by a vision and a mystery, that of an inanimate body on a bank, covered with algae or already protected from curious eyes by a piece of opaque plastic. If fans of Twin Peaks, a series created by David Lynch, will recognize the character of Laura Palmer, the collection is also an homage to the Pre-Raphaelites, to the Ophelia of John Everett Millais, and to Kylie Minogue in the clip of Nick Cave "Where the Wild Roses Grow "Three female characters all in "horizontality".


leclaireur-litkovskaya-ss18-4 leclaireur-litkovskaya-ss18-1 leclaireur-litkovskaya-ss18-5

Litkovskaya connects different materials together making each piece "the manifestation of the inevitable duality of human nature". Pieces of character, therefore, for women who have no less. The linen of a coat combines with the silk of a dress, the mesh, while the cotton is covered with lacquer, as with this black dress, giving a wet effect, out of the water, for women well vertical, them. The cuts of a pleated pant, a ruffled dress and a draped dress emphasize the energy that emanates from a modern collection designed for (obviously) dynamic women.

scout-litkovskaya-ss18-9 leclaireur-litkovskaya-ss18-10

The flowery embroidery on the transparent top evokes the special contact with nature that our unhappy heroines have - Kylie Minogue's roses and the flowers floating on the surface of the water beside Ophelia. Orange, oh despair! Litkosvskaya breathes a little vitamin C into the silhouettes, with these pleated pants, ideal for having fire at the end of the feet, and the embroidery on this orange bolero, like this fire invoked in the American director's series, which has now become a mantra: "Fire walk with me.


Discover the spring-summer 2018 collection and atLeclaireur Sévigné.

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