LECLAIREUR x DUCASSE - Union par Excellence


Leclaireur has had a great love affair with the culinary arts for many years. Its very first kitchen, installed in the boutique on rue des Rosiers, prefigured the current one, signed NO NAME Kitchen Manufacture. In the rue Hérold space, the kitchen is the masterpiece of the universe dear to Martine & Armand Hadida, a beating heart and, so to speak, essential. The flavors of the table give a little more taste to human encounters, engrave stories in the hearts of the guests, and excite the palates with acts of faith and creative madness. At Leclaireur, we love to entertain. With family and friends, anecdotes and recipes are shared and memories are created.

Alain Ducasse has been pushing the boundaries of gastronomy for over twenty-five years. His reputation is international, three of his restaurants have three stars in the Michelin Guide, and his empire extends to the farthest reaches of the globe. He remains the only person to have 21 stars in the aforementioned pantheon of restaurants. He was even awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards from The World's 50 Best Restaurants List in 2013 for his entire career. And yet it is the transmission of his knowledge to the new generation that remains at the heart of Alain Ducasse's priorities... Sharing his passion, marked by a positive influence, has become so important to him that he opened his own cooking school in 2009, with the most noble of objectives in mind: to make his know-how accessible to the general public for the first time.


Such an impetus, shared by two such iconic houses, could naturally and happily lead to a flourishing collaboration. And here we are. Four monthly cooking classes, led by the Alain Ducasse school, at the exceptional stoves located on rue Hérold, open to a small exclusive committee of ten people, under the tutelage of Julien Mercier, whose journey alongside Ducasse has stirred the senses since 2000.

Each cooking class features a product known for its taste qualities. After opening the ball with asparagus, Leclaireur x Ducasse will focus on morels, which come in a wide range of colors (there are up to 50 species of morels!)


Wild as much as possible, it develops in a surprising way: it appears in forests, of course, but even colonizes certain lands ravaged by fires. Chefs all over the world love it and never stop inventing the most explosive contexts to underline the qualities of the prettiest of mushrooms. Of course, as is often the case, simplicity exalts its complex flavors. So sauté the morels in butter (an exceptional butter will do) and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper...

The cep will bring his four cooking classes to a close, succeeding the girolle, otherwise known as the "princess of the forests".


Your mouth is watering? So do we.

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