Layer-0, Modern daydreams

Layer-0, Modern daydreams - LECLAIREUR

In the heart of the Italian countryside, Alessio Zero works. Imagining clothes, shoes, but also creating a pictorial universe articulating his vision and his voice, expressing the romanticism and poetry emerging from the waters and the depths of his soul.

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And where hands are busy, the creations speak, meaning more than words. Such craftsmanship, combined with an almost spectral ultra-modernity, recalls the wonderful novel Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco, also Italian. Both evoke a place where unique dreamers gather to share a fleeting and precious moment of camaraderie today, in an era where time rarely takes its time...

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And yet, in the face of those curved-toe ankle boots, denim or leather pants, and close-fitting leather jackets and blazers that make up the very heart of Layer-0, time does seem to stand still. Cut by masterful hands, the denim, canvas and leather become technical, and brimming with modernity - bordering on the avant-garde. Constructed with respect for time-honored traditions, Zero's shoes are handcrafted from leathers that have undergone numerous and original treatments. From the look to the feel, right down to the studded soles, the pieces almost seem like works of art. Proof, if any were needed, of a know-how at its peak.

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A leading figure in the return to slow creation, close to Bonotto, Alessio Zero gently glorifies a heritage, materials, and the time that is taken.


Layer-0 clothes and shoes are available at Leclaireur Hérold.

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