JUUN.J - Übermensch en Liberté

JUUN.J - Übermensch en Liberté - LECLAIREUR

Florence, January 2016: the new man has arrived. Sculptural silhouette, Nietzschean superman, without betrayal of meaning, freed from all borders. New man in a post-apocalyptic world, and therefore new, too.

Invited to Florence for the very first time - on the occasion of Pitti Uomo 89 - Juun J unveils a collection Fall/Winter 2016 illustrating his vision of "street tailoring". With Juun J, like the chameleon adapting to an environment in perpetual transformation, the body becomes clothing, the clothing becomes body.

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The textile colonizes the skin up to the tip of the nails, it protects it, goes up to the shoulders, protected by American soccer player shoulder pads. The silhouette has a large body, wrapped in leather motorcycle jackets or bombers, but retains its presence, its elegance.

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The pants go up high to the waist and the coats, the scarves drag on the ground, lengthening the silhouette. The body is majestic, in emphasis, always, from head to toe and the use of a monochrome palette, black, flesh, creates unity and harmony, and power. The leather pants, like the shoes, give the illusion of waders, challenging the boundaries between masculine and feminine.

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The Korean designer sees the modern man as an individual beyond gender and boundaries, so much so that he displays the message on the sleeves, on the torso, in an explicit way, to remind us, if necessary, that the new man is capable of transcending gender, of genders, of any gender.

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Find the Juun J Fall/Winter 2016 collection at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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