JUNYA WATANABE - The Nine Circles of Love

JUNYA WATANABE - The Nine Circles of Love - LECLAIREUR

The years spent at Comme Des Garçons bear witness to this: Japanese designer Junya Watanabe loves to play with hoops, and has made hooping in his clothes a signature... in 3D. By imagining again and again new ways to integrate this element - several hundred years old, and present throughout the history of clothing - into his structures, the designer also reinvents ways of designing and cutting a dress, skirt or cape.

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Junya Watanabe's Spring Summer 2016 is no exception to the tradition, with a collection of pieces encircled by a rich palette of feather-light knits, transforming their geometry in space to create what some, as well as some inspired mathematicians, call parabolic hyperbolas. Connected to each other, these forms gravitate around the body like stellar, airy armor - dresses fall to the knees, ponchos stay short - almost reminiscent of Kenyan tribal necklaces that come to life around the neck and shoulders.

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These must-have, standout pieces embody a strong commitment from the designer, beyond a simple fashion statement. The elegant neutrals counterbalance with virtuosity colors, shimmering. The eye is drawn to these curiously light, perfectly feminine new companions, captivated by the hooping. The pieces are flexible, easy and generous. Like a call from another planet, another dimension, but also another continent, Juyna Watanabe's work is also a call to movement, to expansion. The inspiration behind these textile works does not matter. Life, fashion, here and now, remains a game.

The latest creations of Junya Watanabe are available at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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