JOHN A. SKELTON - Collection IV


If the collections of John Alexander Skelton make you feel like you're riding in the famous DeLorean on a trip down memory lane, but his work is profoundly modern. Each piece is handcrafted from vintage fabrics, which the York, England native gives a second life. This "sustainable" fashion, with a human face, brings together John A. Skelton to designers such as Paul Harnden, Elena Dawson, Archivio J.M. Ribot or Geoffrey B. Small.

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Skelton creates a poetic world populated by Charles Dickens-like silhouettes, inspired by English folklore and historical imagery whose wax-like scent comes from an old marble fireplace. The fabrics are thick, the coats rich in textures, patched in a shade of blue sometimes, that one would think exhumed from an old 18th century chest. The cotton shirts, with handmade floral prints, evoke old bucolic tapestries, or an esoteric world described on old parchments.

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The work of John A Skeltona recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, finds inspiration in socio-political events creating fashion and culture, while playing with the notion of class.

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Discover the IV Fall/Winter 2018 Collection of John A. Skelton exclusively at Leclaireur Hérold.

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