JACQUES MARIE MAGE - Eternal Legends


From Paris to Hollywood, from the cobblestone streets of the Marais to the palm trees of Santa Monica, the sunglasses are interstellar, and signed Jacques Marie Mage.

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Inspired by the icons of pop culture, by the heroes of cinema, rock and American folklore, Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses draw on the legend to produce glasses that cross time, eras and seasons.

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In a pensive and Pasolinian mood? Sporty and chic like Steve McQueen? Easy rider like Dennis Hopper? Jacques Marie Mage is like the blue sky of Malibu, infinite, and flirts as much, without fear or reproach, with the symbols of the American counter-culture of the late 60's, as with more rock imagery, even downright glamorous.

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Why limit yourself to style when you have mastered Italian know-how? Based in Los Angeles since the early 2000s, Frenchman Jerome Mage created his house with an eye for excellence, making individuality an inalienable right and his eyewear jewelry. The quality materials include rare woods, sterling silver or 18-carat gold. The frames, with their full and pure lines, as strong as they are light, exude a solar magnetism, and are available in several patterns and colors, flaked, sunburst, burgundy, spring green...

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With, in addition, respectful and ethical production methods, and cutting-edge references, the inspiration of the House has no limits. Very French, but made in Hollywood.

Available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas andLeclaireur Sévigné.

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