HORISAKI - The Mad Hatter


The hat. The hat thought like a work of art, like a painting, almost statuesque in its controlled folds, this is what the creative duo behind the Swedish brand Horisakihas chosen to create.

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Makoto Horisaki is Japanese and was designing jewelry in Stockholm when he met her, Karin, a milliner for the Royal Court of Sweden.

They share the same desire to return to nature, the need to isolate themselves a little, to work with the help and rhythm of the primary elements that are fire and water and to create... hats.

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The duo became a couple, they settled in the countryside, far from Stockholm, in a large farm and created their eponymous label.

This return to nature opened the doors to a traditional, pure and luxurious work. The chosen skins, of beaver and rabbit, are treated "the old fashioned way", burned and then molded with water, which gives them a raw aspect, a solidity like no other and yet a great suppleness too. The work of the patina gives them a vintage look for a style of great strength.

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Each hat takes weeks of work, all handmade on the Horisaki farm. The cuts are straightforward, sharp, sometimes unstructured but always with a great sense of aesthetics.

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Between Harry Potter and Pharrell Williams, the design of Horisaki's hats offers us a journey through time and history, and all the patience of their creators. If they sometimes use electricity in their creation process, Horisaki claims that all their hats could be made without any other energy than water and fire.

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From nature to headwear, from the countryside to the city, these hats have too much to say to remain mere accessories. Discover them at Leclaireur Sévigné, Leclaireur Héroldand Leclaireur Champs-Elysées.

Photos and styling: Leclaireur
Model: Ambroise

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