HED MAYNER - Regulatory Restructuring

HED MAYNER - Regulatory Restructuring - LECLAIREUR

"The action is centered on habit, on everyday gestures that become bizarre and adventurous when taken out of context." It is inspired by this quote from Gordon Matta-Clark, anarchist known for his works where he cuts material directly into the structure of abandoned buildings, that Hed Mayner has created a collection that plays on the volumes, appearance and ambivalence of the pieces.

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👜 blue shirt

The shirts and the jackets with prince-of-galleries patterns are designed to be worn in a variety of ways, with slits allowing for creative styling. The shirts can be worn as normal, or inside out, with the collar turned backwards, with the head passing through the slit in the back, transforming the piece into a blouse. The garment then goes beyond its function to take on a sculptural energy. The jeans take on the appearance of pinch pantswhile suit jackets, like some shirts, highlight the shoulders, the upper body.

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Hed Mayner multiplies silhouettes with often rectangular volumes and neutral tones, oscillating between black, white, beige or grey. Influenced by the tradition of Orthodox Jewish costume and military pieces, he uses tent fabrics to create trench coats, or old sneaker soles to make sandals. On a thread, the Israeli designer plays on the balance between strength and vulnerability, between the fluidity and rigidity of materials, between his roots and the distant lands his creativity explores.


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Discover the fall/winter 2018 collection of Hed Mayner at Leclaireur Hérold and on Leclaireur.com.

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