HAIDER ACKERMANN - Journey to Unknown Lands

HAIDER ACKERMANN - Journey to Unknown Lands - LECLAIREUR

In our wildest dreams, Fall-Winter 2016 from Haider Ackermann is an invitation to assert oneself, a call to enter the alcoves of the perfumed salons of Shanghai, Marrakech, or Buenos Aires, or an irresistible injunction to join an imaginary cartel, at the head of which an iron and velvet triumvirate would officiate, composed of Kurozawa, Ennio Morricone and Tarantino.

Haider Ackermann's aesthetic is nourished by travels, mysteries, and the protean culture, refined in the four corners of the globe, which marked the creator during his childhood. Son of a cartographer, great admirer of Yves Saint Laurent, the French designer dares a clever mix of colors, materials too, and takes us here, farther and there, to unknown places.

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Silk rubs against velvet, leather against satin. The khaki of a shirt is combined with orange, fuchsia, reptilian motifs, and finds its extension in the velvety purple of a boot. The Men's and Women's silhouettes share the same natural elegance, long, almost casual and, paradoxically, very sophisticated.

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The bohemian couple of Ackermann displays an animal sensuality... and intellectual. He orientalizes himself with a Mao collar jacket, appropriates silk and dares leather pants, provoking again and again a sparkle in the eyes, like no other. With her, sensuality passes through the androgynous look and by a neck, bridge between the body and the spirit, exposed. The Saharan jacket jostles a dandy-romantic velvet pants. She is ready for the adventure.

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In this deluge of electric sensations, Haider Ackermann mixes influences and pushes the door, the doors of a world, other worlds, "between worlds", where everything is a matter of attitude.


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Find the Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2016 collection at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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